Saint Gobain Formula, Newark


Saint Gobain Formula Carbon Reduction Scheme

Project brief

To reduce the carbon emission from the Office Block at Saint Gobain Formula

JL Phillips' solution

Removal of existing gas fired boilers, Applying upgrades to the internal heat emitters and controls. Installing three Mitsubishi CAHV Air Source Heat Pumps

Following the initial enquiry, J L Phillips carried out a full room by room heat loss calculation on the Office block This determined the room requirement for space heating in Watts per m2. Radiator sizing was designed to ensure that the temperature of each room (21 degree Centigrade) was achievable at an external temperature of – 3 degrees Centigrade.

Heat pump sizing was achieved by calculating the total watts required for space heating with an additional hot water requirement for the 15 showers in the changing room block.Third party heating controls were installed, and a split zone design was implemented to separate the shower block from the office block and split the ground floor from the first floor.

3 x Mitsubishi CAHV 42kW Monoblock heat pumps were specified, giving a total output of 126kW’s.

With a seasonal coefficient of performance up to 3.54. The installation and upgrades to the heating design will look to save not only on carbon emission but also on-going fuel bills.

Client feedback

Initial feedback following the commissioning was very positive.

The heat pumps were sited 15M from the plant room and wooden fencing was erected around the plinthed area. The initial concerns over noise levels were quickly dispelled, with no adverse reports from the office staff. The installation was commissioned in February. The new heat emitters and controls enabled the staff to have not only very comfortable levels of heat, but also allowed more control at the radiators via TRV’s.

The zone controls enabled Saint Gobain’s Maintenance Team to tailor the timing functions to suit the staffing levels therefore reduce the run times and increase the efficiency of the system.

Overall, a very effective application of heat pump technology.