The Key Benefits of Conducting a Commercial Energy Audit In Your Building

For most businesses, energy consumption accounts for a substantial part of the operational costs. On average, around ⅓ of the operating budget is spent on paying off utility bills. Luckily, there’s scope for you to save more money by making a few green choices. As business owners, you can add to your revenue while adding to the value of your commercial property by being more energy-efficient. For this, conducting an energy audit in your commercial building is a good starting point.

With an energy audit, you can determine the extent of energy consumption associated with a property and the possible savings you can make by optimising the way you consume energy. Moreover, you get a thorough understanding of various elements that have an impact on the overall performance and comfort level in your commercial building, whether it be an office, store or factory. You can put these findings to use as you maximise your efforts to make your business building a hub for energy efficiency. 

So what are the key benefits of conducting an energy audit in your commercial building?

Let’s find out!

Benefits of Business Energy Audit

Add to Your Savings

Perhaps the most obvious and significant benefit of a commercial energy audit is their potential to protect and add to your business’s bottom line. With a thorough energy audit of your business building, you can familiarise yourself with your facility’s pain points which in turn can help you lower your energy costs. With commercial energy audits, you can inspect and analyse your business from the inside out. 

Right from the commercial heat pump unit to the internal structure of your building, commercial energy auditing will take everything into account. Your energy auditor will ascertain how the various systems in your building interact with each other and the kind of effect this interaction has on your energy consumption. They will also help you uncover inefficiencies in your building by locating air leakage and unwanted heat transmission. 

Once the energy audit is complete, these energy experts will suggest remedial measures that you can implement to benefit from cost-effectiveness. Armed with all this new information regarding your facility, you can maximise your business’s functionality as you reduce immediate expenses. 

With improved energy efficiency you can reap other monetary benefits that include:

  • Increased profits
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Better ROI
  • Immunity against fluctuating energy costs
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Increase in the market value of your commercial building
  • Better competitive edge

Operational Advantages

In addition to all the savings you make, making energy improvements in your business building also has substantial operational benefits. Once your energy audit is complete, you will be given a detailed report on the improvements you can make in your facility. You can install upgrades and refurbish your building and top up the external and internal walls with layers of insulation to avoid escaping of comfortable temperatures. 

With energy improvements, you could add to the operational advantages you can reap that include:

  • Reduced costs of maintenance and operations
  • Installation of green solutions (smart thermostat, heat pump etc)
  • Installation of long-lasting and reliable equipment 
  • Reduced heat pump maintenance costs 
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Better control and automation of your facility

Intangible Benefits

Businesses that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient are popular for reasons that go beyond reducing energy usage. Since an increasing number of people are adopting a green lifestyle, they prefer being associated with brands that are environment-conscious. As a green business, you can benefit from customer loyalty and brand recognition as you enjoy the goodwill of being clean and green. 

Some intangible benefits that are a part and parcel of being energy efficient include:

  • Create positive PR that stems from a green business image
  • Improved employee morale
  • Better indoor air quality

Improved Level of Comfort

Conducting an energy audit in your commercial building can do wonders to the level of comfort in your facility. When energy efficiency is at its peak with improved insulation, proper air sealing and efficient heating with the installation of the best air source heat pumps, your commercial building becomes a comfortable place to work in. This ensures that you and your employees remain productive and are not distracted by fluctuating temperatures and draughts. 

Enhanced Durability of Your Commercial Building

Energy auditors take your entire building into perspective as they examine the structure, the systems and the functions in the larger ecosystem of your office. With commercial energy audits, you can get rid of moisture and mildew as you tightly seal the exteriors eliminating the risk of damage due to rot and mould. 

Reap The Rewards of an Energy Efficient Building

If you wish to improve your building’s energy efficiency, then conducting an energy audit is the obvious first step. This must be followed by the implementation of the recommended improvements and actions that will help you build a highly efficient business. 

In order to reduce your expenditures, you need to make a few choice investments that will pay off in the long run. Incidentally, installing commercial air source heat pumps will help your business achieve the energy-efficient status you want. Click here to get a free quick quote!

If you wish to transform your business into a hub for energy efficiency, get in touch with us today!

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