Solar PV Installers

Harness the power of the sun and reduce your impact on the environment

Solar PV Installers

Harness the power of the sun and reduce your impact on the environment
How Does Solar Work?

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How does Solar work?

Solar electric or PV systems work by converting sunlight into electricity, within the solar panel. PV cells are semiconductor devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity. Direct sun produces the most power, but even on cloudy days some electricity is generated. The electricity produced is direct current (DC) and is sent to an inverter which converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) of a quality acceptable to the national grid.

The inverter would typically be mounted in the loft in a domestic installation or a plant room in larger commercial systems. The AC side is connected, via lockable AC isolators to the total generation meter, which monitors every kilowatt-hour (kWh) produced by the system.

We are MCS, NICEIC and RECC certified installers so you can rest assured that you are in good hand with your Solar PV or battery storage project.

Commercial Solar

Whether your business is big or small, installing commercial solar panels can be very rewarding. As most businesses operate during the day, on a 9-5 basis, installing solar panels will make the most of the daylight available during these times.

Currently, the best Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) offered by utility companies for your excess Solar electricity, is 0.15p per kWh. Because of this, and the savings made on increased energy prices, you can save up to 70% off your electricity bill.

This makes having Commercial Solar Panels, the perfect solutions whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

Battery Storage

A Solar Battery Storage System, is the same as any kind of battery, it simply store energy. By connecting a solar battery to you Solar PV system, you can store any excess electricity that your solar system generates. Without a battery storage system connected to your Solar PV system, any excess electricity generated is fed back into the national grid. A Solar Battery system allows you to use the electricity at another time, for example in the evening when electricity demand is usually higher and your Solar PV system is not generating as much energy.

Do you know that Solar Battery storage can be installed onto an existing Solar PV system as well as a new installation? We are able to retrofit Battery Storage Systems onto you existing system even if collecting FIT payments! Get in touch with us to find out more.

Why Choose JL Phillips?

At JL Phillips, we’ve been planning and installing renewable technology for more than a decade, giving us an industry experience that’s bespoke and unparalleled. We’re also committed to helping our customers shift to greener technologies and work closely with them to understand and meet their requirements.

If you’ve already installed our air/ground source heat pump or biomass boilers get in touch with our team to install underfloor heating today!

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Our Easy 3 Step Process

Why not find out what a new renewable heating system might cost to install in your home or business.

Property Survey

During consultation, our sales manager will provide advice and answer any questions that may be asked.

Once we establish the type of renewable heating solution the customer is interested in, a no obligation quotation is provided followed by free site visits.

Once we have then assessed and understood the exact requirements, we will provide a fully-documented proposal.

Product Installation

Once installation is underway, our project managers and installation teams work with the customer to ensure a smooth transition from their existing heating system to the new technology.

Our teams have considerable knowledge of both the technology and the system design as well as experience within the renewable heating industry and the commercial and domestic heating sector.

Product Maintenance

Once commissioned, our service team are on hand for any call-outs, all of which are free within the 12 months following commissioning.

We always recommend annual servicing to ensure that the system continues to run efficiently and to provide peace of mind that any problems are discovered and resolved quickly.

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