Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump Installers

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Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump Installers

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What is a Heat Pump System?

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Revolutionising Energy: Harnessing Heat Pump Systems for Sustainable Future

Water, Air and Ground Source Heat Pump Systems are amongst the most exciting energy technologies available today and are set to make up an important part of The UK’s energy mix by combining reliability with high levels of efficiency and the potential for substantial carbon reduction

What is a Heat Pump System?

Heat pump heating systems take the ambient heat from a source, such as the ground, water or air, and then boost it to provide low-temperature heating and hot water. Importantly, each of these types of heat pump systems has the ability to provide cooling as well, making them useful for the warmer summer months when the heating would normally go to waste.

Unlike traditional heating methods, which often rely on carbon-intense fossil fuels, heat pumps are powered by electricity which can come from renewables, or directly from the national grid. This, combined with high coefficients of performance makes them an attractive choice for anyone looking to find a financially viable way to decarbonise.

How are Heat Pumps energy and carbon efficient?

Heat pumps rely on electricity; their environmental credentials are often tied to the national grid, but as this decarbonizes, heat pumps provide greater carbon reductions and are now regularly considered as a potential solution for projects of all sizes. With access to growing resources of renewable electricity, electrification of the UK’s heating infrastructure is a core strategic ambition and heat pumps are perfectly aligned with planned updates to legislation.

This optimism for the technology is shared by the UK government, with The Energy Secretary describing heat pumps as “game changing” and the government setting a target for 4.5million domestic heat pumps across the UK in addition to commercial and industrial installations.

How can J L Phillips Renewable Energy Solutions assist with your drive to carbon efficiency?

Rock – using a ground probe

Ideal for refurbishment or adaptation from a fossil fuel based heating system.

• Irrespective of the climate zone
• Space-saving compared to other ground-source heating alternatives
• Excellent output even on the coldest days
• Great reliability, minimal maintenance
• Efficient free cooling performance

A heat source with an almost constant temperature lies in the lower subsoil of the so-called “near-surface geothermal layer”. It can be used all year round. The heat pump collects stored solar energy from a collector in a hole drilled into the rock. The depth of the hole can vary between 90 – 200 meters, depending on the size of heat pump selected and on local building regulations. This type of system can be used for all possible building types, large or small, public or private. It requires little space and the ground probe can be drilled in the smallest of gardens.

Why Choose JL Phillips?

We’ve been installing renewable energy systems for commercial businesses over the country for almost a decade, giving us an industry experience that’s unmatched and bespoke. We work with our customers closely to understand and meet their professional ground source heat pump requirements.

To know if a Ground Source Heat Pump is a good solution for your needs, ​get in touch ​with us today!

J L PHILLIPS installs heat pumps across the whole of the UK, predominantly covering the Midlands including Newark, Nottingham, Mansfield, Loughborough, Lincoln, Peterborough, Leicester, Birmingham, Coventry, as well as Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Leeds, Sheffield and all surrounding areas.

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