Importance of Annual Maintenance of Your Heating System

It is no secret that heaters and boilers are not paid much attention to – until something goes wrong! 

We at JL Phillips highly encourage you to change this pattern and understand the annual maintenance importance of your heating systems. They are an essential commodity of your house when it comes to providing a comfortable environment and hot water, whenever required. 

Necessities such as heaters and boilers, therefore, shouldn’t be underestimated and in addition to our services, we are here to tell you why. 

That said, let’s understand the importance of the annual maintenance of your heating systems.

1. Lifespan of Your System 

Similar to any other domestic or commercial heating system, the age and the type of your boiler determine the lifespan and energy efficiency of your boilers. 

In simpler terms, as your boiler gets older, it drastically becomes less energy efficient. 

Needless to say, heating systems are an expensive affair, so replacing any one part is going to dig holes in your pockets. This is the reason that you should get the most out of your investment and by annual maintenance of your systems, you can increase its efficiency by a lot.  

On average, the lifespan of a boiler is between 10 to 15 years, but with our maintenance services, we can help you reach beyond. 

2. Safety 

Boilers are fuel-burning appliances, a kind where carbon monoxide could be released. If any part of this procedure goes wrong, the chances of people getting affected by it increase. 

Be it your home or a commercial setting, the innate nature of this gas (tasteless, odourless, and colourless) can poison people without them being aware of it. 

Regularity in terms of maintenance, therefore, is very important. A scheduled appointment with JL Phillips can and will help you put your mind at peace when it comes to safety and prevent major issues by detecting smaller repairs. 

3. Prevent Breakdowns 

Cleaning is an integral part of servicing, and when done annually, can become extremely useful to clear all the debris out of your heating systems. 

Regularity in terms of cleaning has more effect in the bigger picture; timely flushing out dirt and debris can stop bigger problems occurring later on, to prevent major breakdowns. 

The simplest way is to bleed the radiator once in a while for better efficiency or trust the professionals at JL to take care of your systems. We understand annual maintenance importance and have the necessary experience for a hassle-free service. 

4. Economic Benefits 

The majority of your energy bills are based on your heating systems (given that energy is required for the entire space). This means you should make sure that they are working as efficiently as possible. 

The maximum efficiency capacity, therefore, should be utilised, given that you are paying the full amount in the billing cycle. 

It is a high possibility that your boiler can do much better than current performance, by regular maintenance, your space will be warmed up in no time. 

Get in Touch With JL Phillips For Service and Maintenance 

Safety is a priority here at JL Phillips; with our range of biomass heating systems, not only do we aspire to contribute to the environment, but make sure that our installations are safe and economically beneficial for our customers. 

When we highlight the annual maintenance importance, we make sure to guide our customers and walk them through our procedures. 

Our service and maintenance work makes your installations run as efficiently as they can while giving you the peace of mind that smaller issues have been dealt with. 

Additionally, we take care of your warranty and with delicate handling, ensure that you get the best returns. 

Get a quick quote today or contact us via our website for more information today! 


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