4 Renewable Technologies Perfect For Your Home And The Environment

If as a homeowner you are considering installing renewable technologies with low carbon emissions for your property, then it is quite likely that you are overwhelmed with all options available in the market.

Since installing a brand new heating system doesn’t fit the ‘one size fits all’ analogy, having a clear understanding of your requirements along with the benefits of installing such a system is essential. 

Here, the various features of the system and the kind of green heating solution you are looking for will help you make a sound decision. 

So, let’s take a look at the top 4 renewable technologies that are a perfect fit for your home and the environment!

Heat Pumps

These impressive renewable technologies can harness energy from the ground, air and water. It then caters to your heating and hot water requirements throughout the year by converting the harnessed energy. Heat pumps work in perfect harmony with underfloor heating and modern homes that are well insulated. Moreover, you can take advantage of the RHI scheme for both commercial and domestic properties.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of heat pumps:

Air source heat pumps

As the name suggests, these heat pumps use the ambient air to absorb heat and produce energy to heat homes. The heat they absorb is transferred directly to the central heating systems installed in your home. Air source heat pumps are highly energy-efficient

Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pump installation works by extracting the trapped solar energy beneath the surface of the ground. It consists of a series of pipes hidden underground that absorb and convert the heat. This heat is then transferred to the radiators and the central heating system of your home. Heat pumps are available in all shapes and sizes and give fantastic efficiency results which will be reflected in your reduced energy bills.

For best results, contact JL Phillips! You can find out how we can install your new heating system to the highest professional standards. 

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are one of the most energy-efficient renewable technologies that you can install in your home. They use wood, energy crops and other natural elements as fuel to generate heat for homes.

Depending on the type of biomass boiler technology you install, you can use hay bales, logs and even sawdust in your system to produce heat. But owing to convenience, wood pellets and wood chips are extremely popular with biomass installation. Given the solid nature of the fuels, you have to take into account the storage space you will need along with its transportation. 

Since biomass installation is an eligible technology under the RHI scheme, homeowners can receive government subsidies. What’s more, you can get off LPG and oil completely. You can also get rid of storage radiators as you switch to significantly more sustainable technology. 

Solar Photovoltaics

Over the last 6 years or so, solar photovoltaic technology has taken the UK by storm. The impressive government subsidies associated with its instalment coupled with the plummeting capital costs have led to more than 6,50,000 installations across the UK. 

The solar energy-absorbing panels of this renewable heating system can be installed quickly and used to generate electricity on-site. What’s more, with a considerable reduction in its price over the years, you need not spend more than £8,000 for a 16-panel system generating 4kW units of energy. The government subsidies associated with the installation of this heating technology have reduced significantly, but you can still achieve a return on investment of at least 10%.

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal technologies have been very popular in the UK for many decades. These are available in two types: panels and vacuum tubes.

The solar thermal heating technology is majorly used to heat water. But some homeowners use it to heat their swimming pools and thermal stores as well. Many homes have around 4 to 6sqm installed for which the cost comes up to £4,000. After installation, the solar thermal technology can be expected to contribute to up to 60% of the total hot water requirements for a home on a yearly basis. 

When we compare the initial cost with the annual fuel saving, the installation of solar thermal technology is difficult to justify. But with the renewable heat incentive or the RHI program, this technology has experienced a definite increase in installation. 

And there you have it!

Our top 4 renewable technologies that will not only make you energy-efficient and green but also save you a considerable amount of money. 

Get in Touch With the Professionals for Installing Renewable Technologies

It is important to get in touch with experienced heat pump fitters so that the installation is done correctly. It is only then that you can reap all the benefits. At JL Phillips we have an excellent team to help you make the most of your renewable heating installation.

We are professional air and ground source heat pump suppliers! We conduct property surveys and recommend the technology best suited for your needs. You can also install biomass boilers with our professional help.

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