4 Essential Maintenance Tips for Solar Panels

With the various benefits and schemes that let us make the most of sustainable technologies in our daily lives, it’s no surprise that many homeowners and commercial enterprises are making use of solar energy.

Solar thermal panels may seem like a big investment, but the advantages they bring to the table makes the installation well worth it. However, quality performance and maximum efficiency can only be achieved with regular maintenance.

This means that after installing the solar panel, you need to take care of it through regular checkups to reap long-term benefits. Just relying on the panel warranty isn’t enough, you need to regularly service the system to ensure maximum functionality.

That said, in today’s blog, we’ll be covering a few essential solar panel maintenance tips for better efficiency and durability of the system.

Let’s take a look –

1. Remove Any Obstructions

Since solar thermal panels are usually positioned on the roof, there’s a high possibility that from time to time, they may accumulate dirt and dust. This blocks the panels from receiving sunlight, affecting the overall efficiency, meaning your panels won’t be working effectively.

The solution to this is very simple. Depending on the type of panel you have, you’ll need to make sure it is cleaned on a fairly regular basis. This is something you could do yourself, but if hiking up a ladder onto the roof isn’t your thing, you may want to contact a professional. However, the cleaning process is as simple as removing any leaves, dirt or obstructions from the panels. 

While this may seem like a chore, it is a necessary step to keep your panels well-maintained.

2. Avoid Shading On Panels

During the solar panel installation process, our installers conduct a site analysis to fix the panels in a place that will allow exposure to maximum sunlight. However, with time, there may be external factors such as the growth of new trees or other external structures that may cast a shadow on the panel and prevent sunlight from reaching it.

In such cases, you’ll need to remove the source of shading to let your panels operate at maximum efficiency, or move the panels. In the presence of trees, you might want to trim them just enough to avoid any excess shade. 

If these objects can’t be removed, you might want to consider reinstalling the panels in a better place or seeking advice from a professional heating engineer about the best way to go about it.

3. Monitor The System

Monitoring your solar panel system on a regular basis can help you understand the current level of performance of your solar panels. The first thing you need to check is that your inverters have a flashing green light. The absence of this means that you are no longer using this energy to compensate for your electricity. 

The next thing you need to take a look at is the amount of energy being produced. You might have to check on this more frequently to spot any inconsistencies. By documenting the findings, you can get a better understanding of the working of the solar panels. Through this, you also get a better idea about your CO2 emissions and how your system is benefiting the environment.

Moreover, areas like cabling, mounting hardware, junction and fuse boxes along with breakers need to be looked at from time to time.

4. Clean The Panels

As mentioned above, cleaning the panels can be done easily with a soft cloth. Although labour-intensive, it is a much-needed step for effective solar panel maintenance.

While there are solar panel maintenance kits available on the market, a simple cloth or brush will be sufficient in getting rid of any grime or dust. You can soak the cloth in water and remove any excess water for more efficient cleaning. However, in case you’re using soap, make sure it’s biodegradable and not abrasive to avoid scratching the glass.

You can clean the panels weekly or monthly depending on the type you have installed. However, keep in mind that you’re following safety precautions to prevent yourself and the panels from being hurt in any way.

Contact JL Phillips For Solar Panel Maintenance And Installation

Solar thermal panels are an investment. Taking care and maintaining them is therefore of utmost importance for better functionality and efficiency.

At JL Phillips, with our experience and expertise in renewable energy, we know just about everything there’s to know about solar panels. We also provide installation and maintenance services for heat pumps and boilers for both domestic and commercial areas.

To find out more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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