Spring Statement 2022: Make Green Home Improvements Now With Zero % VAT

With the energy crisis on the rise, it’s not surprising that an increasing number of households are looking to install green and efficient solutions. The big takeaway – green home improvement solutions will cut our heating demands which in turn will make it easy on our pockets. 

Green initiatives coupled with energy-efficient and renewable installations are therefore becoming the need of the hour which brings us to the Spring 2022 Statement of VAT scrap on energy efficient home improvements you make. 

At JL Phillips, our business revolves around being green and energy-efficient. Be it the RHI scheme, the Green Homes Grant Scheme or the Boiler Upgrade scheme, we’ve always offered our customers quality renewable installations that’ll offset costs and save them money over the years. 

That said, we’ve put together this short guide with useful insights regarding the recent VAT scrap declared in the Spring Statement of 2022. This statement concurs with energy-saving installations like heat pump and solar panel installations. So, it only makes sense to have some light cast upon the update. 

Let’s get started!

Spring Statement 2022: What Does it Entail?

Heat Pump Refrigerant Check; a traditional style home with a massive backyard, surrounded by trees

In the last few days of March, Chancellor Rishi Sunak shed some light on the updates on energy efficiency schemes that are being implemented by the government for a greener lifestyle. 

The spring statement 2022 comprised of majorly two ambitions – 

  • Supporting the UK’s long-term Net Zero ambitions 
  • Saving homeowners money with regards to both installation and energy bills

These two ambitions are fulfilled by declaring a complete VAT scrapping on particular energy-saving installations like heat pumps, solar panels and home insulation. 

Further updates are supported by Brexit freedoms; the government has now included additional technologies while discarding the complex eligibility conditions that earlier ruled the installation processes.   

In simple terms, the process of installing green home solutions is now easier because the government has alienated complex processes responsible for delay in installation in the past. 

Now for the major news – the spring statement 2022 has enabled homeowners, who are seeking to install green home improvements, to save money on their installation; the basis of which is shaped by the decision to completely scrap VAT out of your green installations

To give this a little more perspective, – a typical family having rooftop solar panels installed will save more than £1,000 in total on installation, and then £300 annually on their energy bills.

Benefits of Zero % Vat on Green Home Improvements 

A house with Solar Panels

  • The first and foremost benefit that one can clearly see is the prominent reduction of costs in installing heat pumps and solar thermal panels. As mentioned earlier, the VAT scrap on the green home improvements will not only save you money during installations but also contribute towards reducing your overall energy bills over the years, thanks to the energy-efficient nature of the product.
  • Secondly, a statement of this sort can naturally encourage more people to participate in green installations, taking our country closer to its aim, one green installation at a time. 

The spring statement 2022 can become a great push for people who have been holding off on making energy-efficient improvements due to monetary reasons. This is where we can help by offering renewable and efficient solutions with our green installations. 

With JL Phillips, you can now make the most of the VAT scrap scheme while also improving your carbon footprint. 

JL Phillip’s Heating Solutions 

JL Phillips has always encouraged the installation of renewable heating solutions.  Our products are environmentally friendly and contribute to improving your carbon footprint for a better and greener tomorrow. 

We abide by the government schemes that provide you with well-deserved grants. With our expertise in the renewable installation industry, we bring to you the best energy-efficient products while ensuring you make the most of all the government schemes that are in effect. 

Get in Touch With Us For Expert Heating Installations 

At JL Phillips, we bring to you the best service and products that make the process of green home improvements easier. 

Our expert heating engineers understand the intricacies of installing heat pumps, solar thermal panels and other green solutions. This is why we ensure that your installations align with government regulations and schemes, so you can rest assured that we will do a fantastic job. 

Our experts have been in the industry long enough to understand the ins and outs of installing renewable equipment. Now, it’s your turn to take a step closer to being efficient, green and sustainable with our heat pumps and solar panels

Call us on 01636 642790 to get the ball rolling on being green! Alternatively, you can mail your enquiries on info@jlphillips.co.uk.

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