Why Installing A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Is Perfect For Your Commercial Property

As a general rule of thumb, businesses always look for ways to be more cost-effective while trying to adopt sustainable green practices. What if we told you that both these objectives can be achieved with just one solution? Not only will you reduce your operating costs but also be committed to environmentally-friendly practices in the long run. 

The answer… ground source heat pump or GSHP installation!

Installing GSHP in your commercial property will provide your business with a practical heating alternative at reduced costs. Add the low environmental impact to the mix and it becomes the perfect option for your business.

Sure there are certain things you need to consider before installing commercial GSHPs. But one thing is for sure – they are ideal for locations that have ample space. Farms or agricultural businesses are perfect as there’ll be access to open space where a borehole or a trench can be dug easily for GSHP installation. 

Today, we’ll shed light on why ground source heat pumps are perfect for commercial properties. 

Let’s take a look.

Reduced Heating Costs

The costs of GSHP installation may be a tad bit high when compared to traditional central heating systems. But the corresponding running costs will be significantly low. Since low energy levels are required to produce the same amount of heating, GSHPs become a rather cost-effective solution.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the government’s Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) program. GSHP installation is an eligible technology under the RHI scheme and upon approval, you’ll receive quarterly payments for over twenty years! You receive payments from the government as you use renewable energy trapped under the ground’s surface to produce heat for commercial purposes. 

What’s more, you release clean energy in the environment in exchange of energy used to operate the system. 

The exact amount that you can potentially earn through RHI will depend on the type and the size of the GSHP you install. However, it’ll make sense for you to expect an ROI of up to 12% every year, considering the longevity of your renewable heating system. 

In essence, the amount you invest for GSHP installation will pay for itself over the years. 

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Brilliant Heating Performance

Once you install a ground source heat pump in your commercial building, you’ll see that it requires little to no maintenance. Each factory-sealed component of the heating system has an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years. This makes the system highly efficient with minimal running costs that require low energy levels for the circulation pumps and the compressor to work.

No Planning Permission required for GSHP

Commercial ground source heat pump installation comes under permitted development rights. In such cases, there’s no need to secure planning consent. Although ‘permitted development’ has limits and conditions of absolute importance that have to be adhered to. So its recommended to check with the local planning office to be on the safer side and definitely before the commencement of any installation. 

Another advantage of GSHPs is that the bulk of the equipment is concealed underground, making them invisible. This makes them the perfect ‘fit and forget’ system as they are automated, low maintenance with quiet operation. 

Since there’s nothing to see, hear or smell in terms of planning requirements, the officials will hardly find a reason to reject your GSHP installation.

Low Carbon Heating Alternative

When compared to conventional heating systems, ground source heat pumps reduce CO2 emissions significantly. GSHPs are a brilliant way to consume less fuel and reduce harmful emissions as businesses across the UK are becoming more environmentally responsible. Additionally, this heating technique assists businesses with environmental policies related to carbon emissions. 

GSHPs can be used to perform both heating and cooling functions across your commercial building. Since they recycle heat in a sustainable manner between seasons, they can cool buildings in summers while heating them in the colder months. 

All these factors make GSHPs highly efficient and worthwhile investment.

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